Planting Irises

The plants just keep coming! My cytotech brought me more plants. This time, she had some iris tubers that she was digging up.

Irises naturalize easily without much care or attention and they tend to spread out – or so I’ve been told, having never grown irises myself.

This bag had seven or eight tubers. She told me, just pop them in the ground anywhere and water them in and that’s about all they need.

I added them to the “Flower” Garden. I say “Flower” in quotes, because this bed has been a bit of a disappointment this year. The zinnias I planted where completely eaten by slugs. Most of the seeds I direct sowed never came up (possibly due to the bizarre late freeze we had), or were also eaten by slugs. The echinacea seedlings were trampled by painters. I have a few nasturtiums and dahlias growing, but they’re still in the small-ish side.

So, there aren’t many flowers in this flower bed. It’s mostly a bed of alpine strawberries, which are really taking over (and make for a nice snack when I get home from work).

The other thing that has done really well in this bed are the sweet peas. The look great and smell amazing. This will definitely be repeated in years to come.

Photos just don’t do them justice.

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