Sowing Fall Crops: 2022 Edition

I’m finally getting around to sowing fall crops in the garden…a little late, it better late than never.

In the front garden, I planted beets – a few sprouts are already up!

I also planted peas in the front garden around where the spring peas were planted. I should probably pull out the old pea plant, but it’s a good marker for what’s planted nearby.

In the backyard cinder block bed, I planted leafy greens – bok choy, kale, and mustard greens.

The leafy greens that I planted in early spring were so decimated by slugs, that nothing really came of them. The slugs are gone now, so hopefully this crop will have a better chance.

Last fall’s crop did well in a nearby bed. I’m waiting to be able to collect the seeds from some of these plants and then I’ll pull them up and make the bed ready for a spring crop of greens next year.

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