Fungus Friday: Laetiporus conifericola

Welcome to the first in a special series of Foliage Fridays called Fungus Friday!

This past week, Nate and I went hiking in the Tillamook Forest, a temperate rainforest between Portland and the Oregon Coast, about 45 minutes from my house. We were hoping to find some chanterelle mushrooms, but mostly, I just wanted to find and identify as many mushrooms as I could. We found maybe ten different kinds of mushrooms. The first one I identified is Laetiporus conifercola.

**All mushroom identities are putative. No mushrooms were consumed**

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The End of Tomato Season and Making Tomato Chutney

As the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, I’ve noticed that the tomato production is slowing. Some of my tomatoes are are starting to yellow. We still have another month before our average first frost date (approx. Nov 1), but the end is nigh.

There are still a few green tomatoes on the plants. If there is some hint of red on the tomatoes, you can generally ripen them on a counter or in a paper bag, but if they’re green-green, they’ll never ripen.

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Tucking the Houseplants Inside for the Winter

Even though we’re still having really nice warm fall days here in Portland, the nights are getting quite chilly – low 50’s or 40’s. On Thursday, it is supposed to get down to 40°F! Brrrr.

It’s time to bring some of the houseplants back inside for the winter.

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Collecting Quince

Quince is one of my favorite fruits! I love the way it smells and I love it’s texture when cooked. It’s so unique.

There was a quince tree at the Community Garden in Seattle, and I looked forward to the quince harvest every September, but since leaving Seattle, I’ve missed the quince.

Fortunately, this year, I realized there was a quince tree in the apple orchard of the school we live next to. I’ve been checking on it periodically throughout the season, and it had a fair number of fruit on it.

This past week, when I went over the orchard, there were a ton of quince on the ground. I think I was a couple of days late to harvesting them, but no matter; I can salvage these.

The tree is a bit too tall, so there were still a number of fruit left on the trees, but I could only reach one or two.

I usually make a quince compote that I can add to oatmeal or eat as is – and I will definitely do that again this year – but I would also like to try my hand at membrillo this year.

Foliage Friday: Perennial Peavine

Today’s Foliage Friday is another weed! I’m actually starting to run out of plants that I can’t name in our yard. I really had to walk around for a while before finding a plant I couldn’t put a name to. Here’s a weed that had sprung up in the middle of my garden bed.

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The Inaugural Apple Fest

This past weekend, Nate and I celebrated the first of a new holiday we are calling “Apple Fest!”

Last week, I was pondering what to do with all the apples I had slowly rotting in bowls in the kitchen. I had come up with a number of interesting recipes that were not apple sauce. I brought all of those apples to Seattle, and thus, was born Apple Fest.

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