The First Raspberries of Summer

Happy Solstice! I love this time of year. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full 6 months since the winter solstice and that the days are going to start getting shorter. That means fall is coming, but summer hasn’t even really started for us in the PNW!

It was so fitting that I found the first ripe raspberries of the summer last night.

It can officially be summer now.

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Whitecrossed Seed Bug

One of my gardening resolutions this year was to pay attention to the bugs and other critters that I see in the garden. I’d been slacking on that goal until this guy caught my eye:

I found it crawling along a weed next to the raised beds in the back of the house. The distinctive red and black cross on the back wasn’t something I’d seen before.

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June Blooms

Just rhododendrons this time

Vibrant colors!

I was hoping the peonies would be blooming by now, but not quite.

Many peonies in the neighborhood have started blooming.

These are some really stunning two-tone peonies from one of my favorite front yards in the neighborhood.