The 2020 Garden: A Review In Photographs

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Here is a review of the year in photographs. For each month (since I’ve had this blog in March), I chose the “most significant” photo of the month. They may not be the most beautiful photos, but they are either a special memory, or are in some other way significant to me.

March: Beginning my blog, the first tour of my apartment “garden”
April: Peas are beginning to grow in the community garden in Seattle. The asparagus and rhubarb are ripening.
May: Nate and I successful composted in a bucket on a balcony!
June: I left Seattle and moved to Palo Alto, CA
July: Starting my first seeds in Palo Alto. This was a squash.
August: The beginnings of an in-ground garden space in Palo Alto
September: A visit with Nate to the Bloedel Reserve
October: Harvesting apples with Village Harvest
November: Also harvesting persimmons!
December: Starting seeds for next year!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I know I did. Here’s to 2021 and good things to come!