My Basil Cuttings Didn’t Survive

I tried to take cuttings of basil in the hopes that they would form roots and I could overwinter them and replant them quickly in the spring.

Here’s how the sweet basil looks now:

Well, that didn’t work so well, did it?

The Thai basil is still hanging in there, but the sweet basil wilted pretty quickly.

Oh well, it was an experiment, and fortunately, it doesn’t matter because A) I have sweet basil seeds that I can plant in the spring and B) Kamala Harris was just elected the first black/Southeast Asian female vice president of the United States of America!

I Just Couldn’t Help Myself

Since I’m moving in less than a month, I’m trying to pare down my belongings. That means getting rid of some of my plants, and not acquiring new ones. But….

…there were extra basil starts leftover from the community garden looking for a home, and I couldn’t say no.

I justified it by telling myself that the basil plants were surplus from the community garden, so they would be going to waste anyway, and it will be nice to have some fresh basil for at least the next couple of weeks, and I can always give them to Nate or my dad when I’m done with them, and maybe, one of them can let the basil plants go to seed at the end of the season, and then mail me seeds to plant. Right? Right.

They don’t look like much right now. I potted them in a recycled plastic spinach carton using scavenged dirt, so I’m not sure how well they will do in this situation. I’m also worried that it might still be too cold here to plant basil. Our nights are barely 50 degrees (sometimes 48 or 49), and I know basil really doesn’t like the cold. Encyclopedia Botanica says not to plant basil until it’s consistently above 50 degrees. I’ve been babying them a bit by taking the “pot” inside at night. I hope it warms up soon. It’s starting to feel like another Juneuary here in the PNW.