My Basil Cuttings Didn’t Survive

I tried to take cuttings of basil in the hopes that they would form roots and I could overwinter them and replant them quickly in the spring.

Here’s how the sweet basil looks now:

Well, that didn’t work so well, did it?

The Thai basil is still hanging in there, but the sweet basil wilted pretty quickly.

Oh well, it was an experiment, and fortunately, it doesn’t matter because A) I have sweet basil seeds that I can plant in the spring and B) Kamala Harris was just elected the first black/Southeast Asian female vice president of the United States of America!

Overwintering Basil: Taking Basil Cuttings

It’s finally getting chilly here – 73 degrees! Brrrrr!


But really, it’s getting down to 49 degrees at night. Basil, I know, doesn’t like cold temperatures. We have both Thai basil and regular basil.

The Thai basil grew particularly well. I think it’s success is attributed to the fact that it was on the sunnier end of the bed.

This little basil plant below was one grown from a cutting from Dr. Kong.

I’m hoping I can keep some cuttings going through the winter, and plant them back out in the spring as soon as it warms up again.

Here are the cuttings I took:

I’ll keep them in a container with water and hope they root.

Plant Starts from Dr. Kong

One of my attendings gave me some plant starts — rooted cutting, and small seedlings. Her mother (who is in her 80s) does a lot of gardening. She plants everything from seed and always has a lot of extra seedlings.

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