Book Review: The Signature of All Things

Summer is almost over, and I still have five more books on my Summer Reading Syllabus to review (I’ve read all but one of the books, though).

The book I’m reviewing today is Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things. This was the only garden-themed fiction piece that was including in my summer reading. Garden-themed fiction is slim pickings.

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Book Review: The New Heirloom Garden

Next up on my Summer Reading List is The New Heirloom Garden by Ellen Ecker Ogden.

The subtitle is “Designs, Recipes, and Heirloom Plants for Cooks Who Love to Garden.” I’m either a cook who loves to garden or a gardener who loves to cook. Either way, I thought this book would be right up my alley, but it was….disappointing.

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Book Review: Nature’s Best Hope

The first book on my Summer Book Reading List that I read was Nature’s Best Hope by Doug Tallamy.

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I was expecting this book to be somewhat of a downer of a book: we’ve destroyed the planet and we’ll need to make drastic changes to re-direct the train we’re on! Conservation books or documentaries all seem to have the same doomsday message, and it gets disheartening to hear it again and again.

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