During my walks…

I don’t really have any garden updates this week. I spent most of my time studying and sleeping, but I did happen to take more walks during the day this week since I was at home rather than at work. The fresh air and exercise make for good study breaks. The fall foliage is just about peak here in Palo Alto, and I took some photos of some particularly nice trees I came across.

Already moving on to Christmas (do you spot the Christmas ornament?)

The 100th post!

I blinked and now, I’m writing my 100th post for this blog.

I don’t have many readers. Most of you are friends and family. I was expecting that, of course. Since I’m such a novice gardener, and since I don’t even really have a proper space or equipment for gardening (as a temporary nomad due to residency/fellowship training), it is hard to imagine that anyone would find what I post to be particularly interesting, but maybe some people out there can relate to my situation or can learn something along with me. Rather than waiting until I have a “real” garden to start documenting it, I’ve chosen to start documenting now.

In the past (almost) 6 months, since my first post on March 17th, my life has changed quite a bit. I went from containers in an apartment and a Community Garden and Orchard in Seattle’s Zone 8b to a room in a house with a small backyard and a small space for an in-ground garden in Palo Alto’s Zone 9b. The world shut down (COVID), I finished residency, moved to a new state, and started a fellowship. In the midst of all of that, I’ve managed to document a few small projects, including….

composting on an apartment balcony with Nate, …

… growing Meyer lemon and avocado plants from seed, ….

… redesigning a raspberry bed

… planting hazelnut trees, ….

…. planting a small fall garden, with mixed success, …

… propagating succulents

….and learning more about the plants I see around me.

I’m surprised that I have been able to stick to a regular posting schedule with work being so busy, but what I’m most surprised by is how much I’ve enjoyed creating this blog. I’m currently studying for pathology boards, which I will take in early/mid November. After that is over (fingers crossed I pass), I’ll have a bit more free time, and I’m planning to spend that time on this site. Many more posts are to come!