Gardening Podcast Recommendations

Since WA state has had “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” orders in place, I’ve been taking a lot of walks around the neighborhood. While, on my walks, I often listen to podcasts — usually gardening podcasts.

For those of you who also enjoy podcasts, here are some of my favorites.

The Joe Gardener Show

This podcast, by Joe Lamp’l, “the Joe in Joe Gardner,” is a well-produced and informative podcast about a range of topics. Joe is a professional gardener and has a show on PBS called “Growing a Greener World,” so he really knows his stuff and is also able to put his gardening knowledge into a format fit for an audience.


C.L Fornari and Ellen Zachos are garden writers who have created a well-produced, interesting, and entertaining podcast. Unlike the Joe Gardener Show which has a single main focus for each podcast episode, each episode of Plantrama covers a handful of diverse topics in short segments.

Encyclopedia Botanica

The creator of this podcast is now, sadly, not putting out more episodes at the moment, but it’s still a great one and worth going back to listen to the archives. The host, Hilary Dahl, is a Seattle-based professional gardener, so many of her growing tips are particularly suited for me.

The Organic Gardening Podcast

This podcast is produced by Garden Organic, a non-profit that promotes organic gardening in the UK. They put out a podcast once a month that covers a potpourri of topic similar to Plantrama. You’ll need to have your British English translator handy when listening

A Way To Garden

Of course Margaret Roach’s podcast is going to be on this list. Many of her podcast episodes are interviews with experts on very specific subjects, such as composting, ferns, or orchids. In addition to flora, she is very interested in the fauna of gardens, in particular, birds and bugs, so there are quite a number of episodes on those topics as well.

Happy listening!