Trying To Grow Ginger (And An Update on the Thai Basil)

I noticed the other week that a knob of ginger in our ginger/garlic bowl was sprouting.

A lot of ginger and garlic from the store is treated with some sort of anti-sprouting compound to prevent this from happening and give the product a longer shelf life, but organic ginger sometimes isn’t treated and can sprout.

Naturally, when I saw the sprout I wanted to plant it to see if I could make it produce more ginger.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Thai basil experiement is a complete bust. It rooted nicely, but decided to die as soon as I potted them in dirt. So, no overwintered Thai basil for me. Oh well. At least I now have a free pot for the ginger.

I broke the ginger sprout off with a little less than an inch of ginger root attached, and left it on the top of my dresser for a few days to let it callous over so it wouldn’t rot when I planted it.

From what I read online, it should be planted 1-2 inches below the surface, although some sources say 4 inches deep. Some sources say water well, others say water sparingly. Most sources say ginger likes “low light conditions.” Others say put it in a bright sunny window. Almost everyone agrees it’s a slow grower.

Who knows if I’m doing it right, but here it is all planted up:

I have very low hopes for anything coming of this pot of ginger. Have you grown ginger before? What are your tricks?