A Hazelnut Update

The hazelnut trees that we planted in April are miraculously still alive at the end of their first summer in Portland. When I saw them this past week, it seemed to me like they had put on a lot of growth over the summer. Fortunately, thanks to this blog, I have photographic documentation of the trees from when I did an update back in June. Here’s what the trees look like between June and September:

Jefferson: June 2020
Jefferson: September 2020
Eta: June 2020
Eta: September 2020
Dorris: June 2020
Dorris: September 2020

Meh. Not so impressive after all, I suppose. That’s ok. They’re alive and that’s what matters. As they say, the first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap. Be sure to check back in 2022 for some exciting updates!

What’s more exciting, however, is the hazelnut seeds that were planted: they’re growing!

These are Jefferson Yamhill seeds. They were planted at the end of April, and there was no sign of growth at the update in June. We figured they were likely duds, but finally, a small handful sprouted. Of the 40 or so hazelnut seeds my dad planted, we have four small hazelnut trees.

Since we’ve never grown hazelnut trees from seed before, we’re not entirely sure what to do at this point. When should we transplant them? Should we stake them? Prune them? Any advice is welcome.