Summer Camp for The Avocado

Staring in May, I put my avocado plant outside, so it can get more sunlight during the day. Everything I’ve read about avocados says they like being in full sun; the more sun the better.

The spot outside my door gets shade in morning until about noon and then gets bright full sun for the rest of the afternoon until 4 or 4:30pm.

At the beginning of the day, the avocado looks like this:

10 AM

But by 2pm, when the sun is the brightest, it looks like this:

2 PM. So droopy.

It’s drooping! Watering more doesn’t seem to help. I take it inside and it perks back up pretty quickly.

I’m confused. Is this normal for an avocado? Am I giving it too much sunlight? Is there such a thing as too much sun for an avocado? At first I thought it just needed time to acclimate, but it’s been several weeks now, and it still droops in full sun. Perhaps it just needs a few more years of growth; the older leaves don’t droop nearly as much as the newer ones. If anyone as any advice for summering potted avocados outside, let me know.

Despite the drooping, the avocado is growing really nicely. It has nearly doubled in size since March!