My Favorite Neighborhood Gardens in Seattle

At the time this post goes up, I’ll be driving down I-5 on my way to San Francisco. The landscape of the Bay Area is very different from that of Seattle. The Bay Area has a lot more desert-like gardens, whereas Seattle has overflowing, lush cottage-style gardens.

One of my favorite evening activities in Seattle was walking around my neighborhood to admire all the front yard gardens. My last week in Seattle, I took photos of some of my favorites.

Many people fill the strip between the sidewalk and the street with flowering plants rather than grass. This example is my favorite every year. This strip is packed with all kinds of flowers: cosmos, zinnias, dahlias… It’s not at its peak yet, unfortunately.
This space is part of a roundabout turned garden and library (the box there is a Little Free Library)
I love a good arbor. Its hard to see, since this photo was taken at dusk, but there are roses growing over the arbor and along the fence.
The terrain is pretty hilly, hence many house of steeply sloped front yards. I’m sure San Francisco proper will have similar gardenscapes, but the part of the Bay Area where I’ll be is pretty flat.
Lastly: Ravenna Park. I guess it’s not technically a garden, but it’s a wonderful forested retreat in the middle of a city. Those people in the photo were looking at….
…owls! There is a family of FIVE owls living in the park. The young ones aren’t shy. I took this photo standing about five feet from the owl.

Bye Seattle! It was a fun four years!