Gloomy June

I don’t have many gardening updates for you today because I haven’t been doing much gardening. We’re almost halfway through June, and I keep thinking its March. The weather has been cold and wet. The highs are in the low 60s, lows are barley 50 degrees, and its been raining nearly every weekend. According to, we had 60% more rain the usual in May.

We haven’t been able to plant the basil out yet. We also have sweet potato slips for the first time, and we need to ASAP in order to have a long enough growing season. One of our beds of garlic rotted, and we suspect it was because of the cold, wet weather we’ve had.

June-uary is a well-known phenomenon in the PNW; for a more in depth meteorologic explanation see King5 news. It should warm up by July 4th, but by then I will be in California, where it’s 70 and sunny every day.