Propagating Jade Plants

I don’t particularly care for cacti and most succulents, but now that I live in California, I have to start embracing them. Jade plant is a nice starter succulent to add to my collection (Note that my “collection” of succulents currently amounts to a single snake plant).

Jade Plant. Aka Crassula ovata. Aka Money Plant.

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They supposedly propagate pretty easily by cutting — either a short bit of stem or simply a leaf.

I went the leaf route. I came across a decently-sized jade plant near the sidewalk by a business, and might have covertly pulled off three leaves.

I read online that one could propogate the leaves by letting them dry for 2-3 days to let the ends callous over and then setting them on top of moist soil, like so:

The leaf should send roots down into the soil and form a new plant. This seems a bit like voodoo to me, but it’s worth a shot.