Prepping the In-Ground Garden

Even though I’ve only just started a few seeds, before you know it, it will be time to get the plants in the ground (fingers crossed they grow big enough to transplant!). I’m deciding how I want to organize the in-ground garden this year. Here is what the space looks like right now:

I decided to first lay down the compost that I picked up from the nearby free compost pile. I expanded the garden plot just a smidge with the new compost.

I also found some free tomato cages that someone was throwing out on the curb several weeks back. I think they’ll come in handy in the garden. The cages a stackable, so I put two of together and am thinking of using them in the center of the gardening space as a trellis for beans and peas. I will grow squash and cucumbers on the ground around the trellis.

The kale and mustard greens will stay where they are obviously, and I’ll plant carrots, beets, and onions at the periphery on the other side of the stepping stones.

I think that pretty much accounts for all the space in that area, and we’re running out of sunny spots in the yard, so for tomatoes, we’ve decided to commandeer some of the lawn. These three cages below represent roughly where I’m going to try to plant tomatoes.

I need to spend some time loosening the soil a bit, and I’ll lay compost on top. I’m tempted to try Charles Dowding’s purely no-dig method, but the ground is really compacted. Even the grass can hardly grow. I’ll be sure to be extra generous with the compost in this area.

I think that about accounts for everything except for the flowers and herbs. I’m going to keep the herbs in pots and the two raised garden boxes. The flowers can be tucked in around the yard wherever there’s a free space.

There are several more trips to get compost in my future, but its coming together… now if only my seeds would hurry up and grow…