The Compost Is Still Going Strong!

While visiting Nate, I made sure to check in the compost we started back in March. I gave you an update in June, when the weather in Seattle was still chilly. Well, it’s now the end of September, and….

…it’s doing so well! There was no smell and no issues with pests or bugs all summer. Not even fruit flies. There is no discernible food bits anymore (that white blob on top is suet from the bird feeder that Nate recently added). The worms that we saw in June have multiplied (I think they’re red wigglers). They seem very happy. You can see a couple of the worms peaking out of the compost in the photo below:

Nate is now using the compost to top dress a couple of his potted plants. We also made sure to feed the worms with some more plant scraps. I guess you could say we’re vermicomposting.