Transplanting More Nandina

When I was visiting my dad the other week, we decided to take care of a project that we’d been thinking about for a while….

This is the path leading up to the front door:

The plant that has grown out over the walkway is nandina. No one uses the front door except door-to-door salesmen or Jehovah’s witnesses, so we’ve let it look like this – to discourage them from coming. Just kidding.

There are actually three nandinas planted there. The camellia behind it has grown so large (that’s another project), that the nandinas have begun to lean waaaay over, in order to get some sunshine. The time has finally come to move them to a better spot. I have heard that nandina is nearly impossible to kill, so I figured they wouldn’t be too hard to transplant.

I started by cutting a lot of the foliage back. I’m not sure if this is the best thing to do when transplanting a plant, but it made these nandina easier to dig up, and you can’t kill a nandina, right?

I moved two of them on the side of our house to hopefully provide a bit more of a screen from our neighbors.

The third one was transplanted to a spot further down along the same side of the property.

Ta da! Here’s what the path to the front door looks like now:

I know it still needs some work. My dad is thinking about removing the camellia – it’s planted pretty close to the house – and replacing it with something else planted a bit further out. There are also three rhododendrons planted around the camellia, which you can barely see because the camellia is so huge. I’d love any suggestions you have for plants to replace the camellia!