Trying To Grow Ginger (And An Update on the Thai Basil)

I noticed the other week that a knob of ginger in our ginger/garlic bowl was sprouting.

A lot of ginger and garlic from the store is treated with some sort of anti-sprouting compound to prevent this from happening and give the product a longer shelf life, but organic ginger sometimes isn’t treated and can sprout.

Naturally, when I saw the sprout I wanted to plant it to see if I could make it produce more ginger.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Thai basil experiement is a complete bust. It rooted nicely, but decided to die as soon as I potted them in dirt. So, no overwintered Thai basil for me. Oh well. At least I now have a free pot for the ginger.

I broke the ginger sprout off with a little less than an inch of ginger root attached, and left it on the top of my dresser for a few days to let it callous over so it wouldn’t rot when I planted it.

From what I read online, it should be planted 1-2 inches below the surface, although some sources say 4 inches deep. Some sources say water well, others say water sparingly. Most sources say ginger likes “low light conditions.” Others say put it in a bright sunny window. Almost everyone agrees it’s a slow grower.

Who knows if I’m doing it right, but here it is all planted up:

I have very low hopes for anything coming of this pot of ginger. Have you grown ginger before? What are your tricks?

Doing A Little Garden Catchup

Boards are over! Hooray!! I procrastinated some garden things while I focused on boards, so now I get to catch up with gardening. 🙂 Here’s the short list for today:

  1. Cut back marigolds.
  2. Plant rooted Thai basil
  3. Plant sprouted plum seeds.

First on the list is cut back the marigolds. I did this in the morning before work, so I would have daylight. I initially planned to cut the plants all the way down or rip them out entirely, but I they are still blooming, and I don’t have anything planned for this space, so….

…I decided to just cut off the dead blooms. I hadn’t deadheaded at all over the summer and fall. I actually don’t really mind the spent blooms, but I’m not the only one who lives here, and I recognize it can become a bit of an eyesore.

Here’s the after:

Not all that much better (I missed a few blooms, plus the camera angle is off in the second image). These marigolds live to see another day!

Next up: Thai basil!

These Thai basil cuttings have grown long whiskery roots, so it’s time to pot them up.

Done. Easy peasy.

The Thai basil in the garden is actually still alive, so maybe I didn’t need to do this at all…maybe Thai basil is hardy enough to overwinter in our climate outside? I’ll let you know in April how it fared.

Lastly, plum seeds:

I believe I told you last week that two more plum seeds have sprouted

Well, the one on the left has since rotted. C’est trop tragique. But the one right is still growing.

And now it has been potted in dirt.

Ta Da! Here is my mini window container garden. The plum is in the middle, Thai basil on the right, and the jade plant cuttings are on the left.

All this only took maybe 20 minutes all together. I just couldn’t muster the energy or courage to do them amidst boards and work. All I needed was to make a list. Nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing tasks off a To Do list!