Let there be light!

We had 9 hours and 35 minutes of sunlight here in Palo Alto yesterday. There were 8 hours and 25 minutes of sunlight in Seattle yesterday. Today Palo Alto, we will get 3 extra seconds of light. Seattle gets 5 extra seconds of light!

Thank goodness for grow lights.

My seed starts are enjoying their artificial light. I now have a 100% germination rate! It’s hard to tell in the photos below, but I planted two chervil seeds in the chervil pot and have two chervil seedlings….

The second sprout is that blurry green thing in the background.

…and I planted three parsley seeds in this pot, and I just saw the third parsley sprout come up yesterday!

My cactus is also really thriving under the grow light. Here’s what my cactus looked like back in August, and it hadn’t really done much until I put it under the grow light….

….and BOOM! These cacti have put on so much more growth.

Spring is coming and I am ready for it. Each day from here on out we can look forward to a few more seconds of light each day. This year on the solstice, I got my first dose of the COVID vaccine. Afterwards, I realized it was very symbolic to be vaccinated on the darkest day of the year….from here on out there will be a little more light.

I hope you all had a good winter solstice too.