Foraged Foods: Wisteria Kombucha?

I told you about the wisteria pancakes last week, and that I was going to try making either a concentrated wisteria syrup or wisteria vinegar…

Well, the wisteria vinegar idea inspired me to try wisteria kombucha. If you let kombucha ferment too long, it turns pretty vinegar-y, so I thought it would combine with wisteria similarly.

I mixed one panicle of wisteria petals into about 8 oz. of kombucha and let the bottle sit on the counter.

I tried it after two days, and I can only describe the taste as “uniquely wisteria.” It had kind of a tart/sweet artificial raspberry flavor – nothing like eating the petals plain or in pancakes. Very interesting. I don’t know if I liked it enough to keep making it, but it was fun to try. If I decide to go into the kombucha business, unique flavors like this will be in my repertoire.